The Surgery

Adventure: The Surgery

Location: The Exit Room in Lee’s Summit, MO

Mission: You and your friends are on an overseas trip of a lifetime. On your last night, you stay in a small hostel on the edge of town, and you are invited to have dinner with the elderly woman who owns the hostel.  You arrive before dinner is ready and are shown into the parlor and given a cup of tea to drink while you wait. Suddenly, the room begins to swim, and you lose consciousness. The last thing you remember is laughter coming from another room.

image026When you and your friends wake up, you have no idea where you are.  The room you’re in is filled with surgical instruments and evidence of previous medical procedures.  You’re not sure how, but you have to get out of there before this vacation becomes your last vacation.

Why it’s cool: This generation 2 adventure has one, simple mission: to get out.  The props in this adventure are awesome, and the puzzles are pretty cool, too (who doesn’t like examining x-rays?).  It may have the fewest number of puzzles of any of our adventures, but they’re solid – it takes an average of 55 minutes to escape.  And while it may have the fewest number of puzzles, this adventure has the most doors to open.

image010Room Idiosyncrasies:  Look around.  See all those medical utensils and animal specimens?  They’re real. That’s right, almost all of this room’s props were purchased (used) from a medical salvage shop in Kansas City’s West Bottoms.

Why you’ll like it: If you get a thrill from Arkham Asylum or Shutter Island, you’ll love this adventure.  It’s creepy, but not scary, bloody, or gory; and it houses one of our most-loved puzzles. It also truly takes teamwork to solve this room – in fact, one puzzle requires two people to solve it.  The Surgery is image016one of our most spacious adventures, so if you have a claustrophobe in your group, this is the adventure for you! Oh, and medical professionals LOVE this adventure (but don’t worry, you don’t have to have an M.D. to escape).



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