Is your team tired of the same old team building events? Have you done the ropes course more times than you can count? Are motivational speakers simply not…motivating? Why not try an Exit Room adventure to light the fire in your team?! Working together is the only way they will solve the puzzles, complete the tasks and ESCAPE the room.

Team Adventures: The only way to succeed is to work together

The Exit Room has 5 adventure rooms each with a maximum of 8 participants, so we can accommodate up to 40 players per “flight”. Two of the three packages below include an option to have each adventure/flight begin at the same time. Note that we can only alter start times to the adventures Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Benefits to adventuring with The Exit Room:
*Large parking lot able to accommodate all participants

*Large lobby inside to assemble before and after the adventures

*Located in Historic Downtown Lee’s Summit, next to all of the restaurants, bars & shops

*Locations with meeting space & catering options within walking distance

These are but a few of the companies that have participated in adventurous team building exercises at The Exit Room: