Each of our adventures are uniquely designed to challenge and entertain up to 8 participants. Whatever the mission, teamwork will be necessary for success. Now it’s time to choose your next adventure!


The Rise Of Scorpio
Difficulty: 8.5/10

You are a team of ICON agents on a mission to find your missing comrade. He was last known to be infiltrating a suspected villain’s compound, but you’ve lost communication with him. Your mission, find your fellow agent and discover the truth about the nefarious Dr. Scorpio.

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The Grey Project
Difficulty: 7/10

You are part of the special FBI team, The Grey Project. Its mission: to investigate extraterrestrial phenomenon across the nation, and this may be your biggest case yet. The question is, are you willing to believe the truth once you find it?

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The Surgery
Difficulty: 5/10

The overseas trip of a lifetime takes a sudden turn when you awaken in a dark, dismal surgical room. As your head begins to clear, one thing is certain: you must escape before those that placed you there return!

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Midnight at Ravenloft
Difficulty: 6/10

Strange happenings are afoot at Castle Ravenloft. Rumors of the undead circle around the mysterious castle’s inhabitant, Lord Stracht. Do you dare enter to discover the secrets the castle holds?

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Legacy Lost
Difficulty: 5/10

The famous adventurer and archeologist, Clive Plitger, has died, and his collection of treasure and artifacts is now up for grabs. Can you find the treasure’s hidden location and escape before Plitger’s enemies arrive and take it by force?

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