The Grey Project

Grey 2

If you’ve been wondering which adventure to choose for your next Exit Room visit, this blog series about each of our adventures will be your guide.

Adventure:  The Grey Project

Location:  The Exit Room in Lee’s Summit, MO

image005Background and Mission:  In the summer of 1947, the U.S. military tracked a UFO through the skies of New Mexico until it disappeared just north of Roswell.  The government was quick to dismiss it as a crashed weather balloon, but it was the basis for a conspiracy that has lasted decades. In response to this, The Grey Project was created by the FBI to ease the concerns of the general population by debunking and putting to rest any accounts of alien activity.  You were a member of The Grey Project, and you did your job well. But then, you and some of your team started to have doubts. What if these accounts were, in fact, real? What if these believers weren’t so foolish after all?

Suddenly and without explanation, the FBI decides to transfer you and other team members out of The Grey Project division.  Time is running out, but you have to know the truth.  Secretly, you contact other dismissed members of your team, and they all agree to one last mission: To determine whether this conspiracy is delusion or truth.

image007Why it’s cool:  This adventure calls to anyone who loves Sci-Fi or detective mysteries.  You have one hour to find the proof you’re looking for, and it’s hidden somewhere in a Midwest farmhouse.  This generation 3 room offers some pretty cool high-tech clues and effects sure to keep you in anticipation. And when you get to the really cool part… well, I won’t spoil it.  Let’s just say, it’s an awesome adventure.

image012Room Idiosyncrasies: We went all out with this room; we even had our own alphabet created, so be on the lookout for it.  And, if you look closely, you’ll find solutions to one clue from each of The Exit Room’s other adventures.  Also, pay attention to the books and pictures throughout the room. Can you name all of the featured Sci-Fi authors?

Why you’ll like it:  If you like the X-Files or Fringe, you’ll love this room.  The room generates a feeling of suspense from the moment you enter, and the special effects will surprise you.

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