Legacy Lost

Old compass and Magnifier on vintage map

If you’ve been wondering which adventure to choose for your next Exit Room visit, this blog series about each of our adventures will be your guide.

Adventure: Legacy Lost

Location: The Exit Room in Lee’s Summit, MOimage003

Mission: As his student, you have always been intrigued by renowned treasure hunter Professor Clive Plitger.  His obsession with finding lost treasure is infamous, but because of his reclusive and secretive nature he has always guarded the results of his treasure hunting.  His recent death has rival treasure hunters wondering what kind of treasure he discovered during his life and where he hid it.

You have studied Plitger’s works, and you believe there really is a treasure to be found.  Your search leads you to the Professor’s remote estate, but others, who are just as eager to find Plitger’s legacy as you are, are following you. You have only one hour to find the treasure, if it exists, before others arrive.

image015Why it’s cool:  This is our smallest room, but the intricate architecture and design more than make up for its lack of size.  This generation 2 adventure is moderately difficult, so if you like a challenge, you’ll want to try Legacy Lost.  Oh, and midway through the clues there is a surprise that you will not be expecting!

Room Idiosyncrasies: We basically cut our teeth in generation 2 technology with this adventure, and in our first year, this was our hardest room for adventurers to complete.  While you’re there take a look around at all the items collected by Professor Plitger. In reality, these props truly are from around the world, collected by the owners’ family members.image005

Why you’ll like it: If you like Indiana Jones, this adventure will resonate with you. And we promise, we won’t call you “Junior” and there won’t be any snakes.

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